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Lime Application  04/18/13 11:16:09 AM


According to many agronomists, ag lime is one of the best kept secrets in crop production. Ag lime can deliver as much or more bang for your buck than any other input.
The amount of limestone to apply depends on the amount of organic matter and clay as well as your ph. fertility.
Our recommendations are to test your soil every four years.
We find fall to be the best time to apply ag lime.
Ag lime will give you long-lasting soil ph correction for an economical price.
Most often three ton of ag lime will be applied at one time.
It may take a year or more for the fall applied ag lime to show a response that can be measured. Since water is required for lime to react with the soil, dry conditions may slow this process down.
Apply lime immediately after the growing season or crop removal to allow time for the lime to react, correcting soil ph before the next growing season.
Low soil ph levels may reduce the activity of residual time of products like atrazine, Sencore and sulfonylurea herbicides.
Higher soil PH levels tend to increase herbicide activity that increased the risk of injured crop and carryover potential.

Ag lime is in short supply in Illinois due to the decrease of road construction (lime is a by product of gravel).
While lime has decreased, the crop yeilds and nitrogen fertilizer used have increased. 
Our ag lime mostly comes from the Abingdon quarry. It is the best in our area.
We have the ability to load lime from our plant or it can be delivered to the field to be loaded with our lime belt.

It is important to soil test your fields.

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