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LP Gas News  03/20/15 2:31:10 PM

March is the time of year that we deliver the last of our customers LP Gas contracts and transfer any unused prepay credit back to their regular account.
At this time the customer is responsible for keeping track of their tank percentages and call us if it gets below 15% until it is time to contract again.
Normally July, August and September are the months in which we do LP gas service work and deliver summer fills.
You have to call for your contract in August or September and let us know how many gallons of LP Gas you want to contract and if you want to pay your contract all up front at a discount or pay a dime a gallon down to lock in your price.
All summer fills have to be paid in full before you can contract and your account has to be paid in full before you can contract, starting the new heating year with a clean slate.
Remember if you disrupt your gas system in any way we have to come do a leak check for your safety and to satisfy our insurance company.
If you replace a water heater, furnace or fireplace you are eligible for an IL Propane and Gas Assoc. rebate.
This has to be done within a 90 day time frame of the installation.
Thank you for your business. We look forward to serving you again.
We hope everyone has a safe and fun summer.
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